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telepathy ........'communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses'
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Mental Illness

People who experience “auditory hallucinations”, ie who hear voices, are often diagnosed as having a mental illness by the medical profession. 

Some such people have a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behaviour, leading to faulty perception.

They might then be treated according to specific therapeutic protocols or treatment guidelines, and be labelled as suffering with a chronic illness like schizophrenia.

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Famous People Hear Voices

Many people in prominent positions of the world stage have been reported to hear voices and engage in telepathy.

The queen of England is reported to have communication to the Gods when wearing the crown on her head.
Other notable people include Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Alexander the great, Socrates, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud.

Such examples clearly illustrate that some significant folks have been documented to have heard voices from external sources during their lifetimes. 

We believe there are some crucial questions that deserve answers:

1. Why isnt there always a factual explanation as to why people hear voices?

2. Do all people who hear voices, and are diagnosed with a chronic mental illness, need long-term medication?

3. Despite being diagnosed and treated conventionally, why do so many such people fare so badly?

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Mediums and Psychics

Mediums and psychics also hear voices.

However, the type of conversation appears to be different. They appear to hear positive voices, and rarely hear negative or dark voices. 

Mediums and psychics have been hearing voices for hundreds or years. It is accepted that many religious leaders and members of monarchy communicate with their chosen deity with the help of mediums and psychics.

Why is it acceptable to attend spiritual shows at which mediums and psychics perform and appear able to speak with deceased relatives?

Are all mediums and psychics mentally ill because they hear voices?

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Ancient Civilisations and Religion

The oldest civilisations on planet earth, such as the Sumerians, tell us that they understood that evil spirits, demons and the ginn actually exist, are real and can affect and alter the human psyche. 

Could such evil spirits and dark force entities be the real cause of the auditory hallucinations that some people are experiencing?

There is certainly a huge growth in reported cases of mental illnesses around the world. 

Some such illnesses manifest in all cultures, countries and races.

Common Symptoms Of People Hearing Voices

Hearing voices, Hallucinations, Delusions, Racing thoughts, Apathy, Lack of emotion, Disorganised thoughts, Memory problems, Concentration issues, Social withdrawal, Hostility, Deterioration of personal hygiene, Flat expressionless gaze, Inability to cry or express joy, Inappropriate laughter or crying, Depression, Oversleeping or insomnia, Odd or irrational statements, Forgetful; unable to concentrate, Extreme reaction to criticism, Strange use of words or way of speaking, Speaking in a different language not their first language.

Hearing voices makes It difficult for a person to distinguish between what is real and unreal.
To think clearly, and to behave in socially acceptable ways, hallucinations are usually meaningful to the person experiencing them.

Many times the voices are those of someone they know or think they know.

Most of the time the voices are critical, vulgar, or abusive and suggest doing negative things.

We can help

There is lots of help available other than the traditional methods
No Meds

If you have found this website then you can be sure it's not a coincidence!  Maybe you are suffering yourself, or maybe you are a friend or relative of someone else that is suffering from a chronic mental illness? Maybe we can help you?  The techniques we employ do not involve taking medication, and many people we have worked with can verify that our approach has helped them.  We are currently looking to engage with the medical profession and hope to work alongside them in appreciating that some people with mental illness may be helped by approaches involving the spiritual dimension.  Our vision is to educate, collaborate and research the subject, and our mission is to support people whose quest is to better understand and resolve the voices that they are hearing.

War Veteran Helped After 23 years of Hearing Voices

Watch the clip below:

Youtube Film Trailer

Film trailer of a real live event to help a person hearing voices. The subject had been hearing voices for 23 years, been sectioned, tried to commit suicide, and in a 1 hour session all symptoms of intrusive voices were resolved.

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